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FrayMUN 2021

"The change begins with You"

May 11th & 12th

A message from the Co-Secretaries-General  

Find out about us, who we are, our organization and its mission, our methods and resources, and what makes FrayMUN 2021 conference so special.


Our mission is to involve delegates in an educational experience where they can develop skills such as leadership and negotiation​


While practicing English and Spanish as the first form of communication, and to encourage them to work with the purpose of making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality. 

Dear Delegates of Fray MUN 2021,


My name is Miranda Moguel and I’m amazed to assist as Secretary-General in this year's Fray Victor Maria Flores Model of United Nations.

I want to welcome and congratulate you beforehand for your participation, it is my pleasure to share with you this great experience, where, in my point of view, will help you develop skills like leadership,

Miranda Moguel.jpg

What's new this time?

The FrayMUN 2021 team is honored to announce that for the first time this year conference will be offered with five different committees in both English and Spanish, as a way to ensure students feel more comfortable inside each session.

negociation and persuation but also will give the young people a worldwide voice of awareness on the infinite problems affecting all of us.


On 2019 I participated in the first session of FrayMUN representing the Delegation of Turkey side by side with one of my classmates, we were in the Security Council Committee and the topics discussed were Political Crisis in Venezuela and Terrorism, being this my first experience in a MUN I felt accomplished .


As preparing the FrayMUN 2020, I was in a group of students that got the chance of participating in the Harvard National Model of United Nations Latinoamerica 2020. The conference was held in Puebla from January 16th to the 19th, I served as the Delegate of Kenya in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice discussing and finding workable resolutions on the topic of Cybercrime in Political Elections.


After seeing how a MUN of this magnitude was well managed from the very beginning and being witness of the passion my fellow delegates had in every speech , both me and the Fray MUN team were inspired to look for all the resources and the best possible ways of working to transmit our vision of the Model of United Nations.

If this is your first time ever at assisting to the Fray MUN or to a MUN we hope you enjoy it and we want you to learn as much as you can for future perks, if you have already participated in this conference we hope we have dug enough to full fill all of your expectations, in general

I’m looking forward to hearing what you want to say,


Best of the wishes


Miranda Moguel


To all delegates of FrayMUN 2021,

My name is Arturo Mendoza and I am enchanted to take part in the secretariat as Co-Secretary-General for this year's conference.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for taking part in this incredible event; this is one opportunity of a kind, due to the great exposure you will have to situations that will require resolutive and leadership skills, which ones you would be able to develop inside each session.

In the first sessions of FrayMUN back in 2019, I worked alongside a classmate representing the United States inside the United Nations Security Council, where I was able to interact with a committee full of amazing people and also obtain recognition as one of the best delegates.

Later on, I had the opportunity to participate as a delegate in the HNMUN-LA 2020 sessions as part of the Indian delegation in the Special Summit on Extrastate Violence, where the topic discussed was transnational gang violence.

Both of these experiences helped me and my teammates to organize and take control of this year's conference, always motivated by the passion and compromise we have seen in our generation and with the main goal of introducing you to the best possible Model of United Nations.

I desire that all of you achieve to get the best out of this year's sessions. 


This kind of event has so much to offer and plenty of chances for you to practice the foreign language, practice your negotiation skills and develop an incredible environment of fellowship and knowledge.


Pretty excited to get to know all of you,




Arturo Mendoza


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